Manage all your Corporation's Registry

Manage all your corporation's registry requirements and records maintenance efficiently and accurately with our Service support Solutions so that your corporation is up-to-date. It is a comprehensive solution coveringinternal & external processes that are important to any corproation. We take all the tasks involved in entity management and combine them into a service support package so that you don't run the risk of non-complaince issues and registry related problems.

Our one year service support includes:
Services Basic Support Complete Maintenance
Consulting on corporate filing & compliance changes
Guidance on Government Notices
Guidance on Notices from Competitors
Guidance on Accounting & CRA Filing
Initial Return
Notice of Change - director change (max 2 times)
Notice of Change - Address Change (max 2 times)
Notice of Change - officer change (max 2 times)
Notice of Change - shareholder change (max 2 times)