Initial Returns Service

If you have incorporated in Ontario you are required to file a Form 1, Initial Return, within the first 60 days. Corporations must complete and submit an Initial Return to the Ontario Ministry within 60 days after the date of incorporation. Failure to file Initial Return causes the dismiss of the corporation. In our experience, we have found so many corporation get voided because corporation owners forget to register Initial Return. Therefore, we recommend you to purchase it with the package.

Initial Return – Quebec: For a Quebec provincial corporation, a Quebec Initial return is mandatory. Failing to do so, may cause the corporation be null and void.

Late Initial Return: If you have forgotten to file your Initial Return and your corporation is older than 60 days, you may still file initial return and save your corporation from being dismissed. As an agency, we can still file it to government.

Initial Returns within 60 Days

business corporation in Canada

It's a very simple form, guides you step by step and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. you can get stuck in any step, our Agency has live chat and call support. Our lawyers & specialists review all orders before starting Initial Returns online, Initial Returns service in Canada. IncorpMaster is an agent of Business in Canada. When you pay us to obtain the Initial Returns in Canada on be half of you, we first do pre-search into Canada. If the name gets conflict or high chance of being rejected, will advise you to submit new names. That would be free of cost. However, once a name is submitted to government, a re-submission of new name will cost again fees for Initial Returns service Online. We analyze several factors to decide if your brand is worth pursuing. Then We check if the Initial Returns might reject your trademark for formal reasons. We analyze all look-alike, sound-alike, and mean-alike trademarks and pending applications. Our opinion is included with each of our packages to Initial Returns service filing. You will receive final business registration certificates (that has business registration number) in email by the service speed you chose. Afterwards, other services such as GST/HST account, Initial Returns service filing. will be emailed.

Initial Return Ontime (within 60 days)

Applicable only for Ontario and Quebec corporations that were registered in last 60 days. If you corporation is older than 60 days, please order for a late initial return.

Late Initial Return (Exceeds 60 Days)

Applicable for Ontario & Quebec corporations that were registered before 60 days from now, i.e. corporation's age is more than 60 days and yet initial return was not filed.